Murderer quotes Salman Khan dialogue after killing

A Salman fan delivers 'Wanted' dialogue after killing and robbing his victim

A devoted Salman Khan fan murdered and robbed a courier company employee.

That's not the end of the story; the murderer delivered a dialogue from the Salman movie 'Wanted', when asked by cops why he resorted to murder.

Talha Mohammed Munaf Ansari (29) replied to cops saying, "Maine jo ek baar commitment kar dee toh phir main apne aap ki bhi nahin sunta" (If once I give a commitment to something then I don't even listen to myself).

Ansari was arrested on June 20 for the murder of Jeetu Sadarangani (22), an employee of Mamaji Courier Cargo, reports Mid-Day.

After murdering Jeetu, Ansari grabbed over Rs 9.5 lakh in cash from him.

According to reports Ansari was in debt and promised to pay it back. When he was given ultimatum and cornered to payback he made this plan to rob.

Like his screen idol Salman Khan, Ansari had to keep his promise so he murdered the courier guy and loot the money to pay back his debt.

Police also recovered photographs from him in which he is posing with Salman.

The actor delivered a blockbuster 'Wanted' and this dialogue delivered by the murderer was very popular among fans.

Salman Khan's movies often have one-liners that makes his fans go crazy and theatres burst with applause.

Khan's latest movie 'Ek Tha Tiger' is about to release on August 15.


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