Nicki Minaj cousin murder 'mistaken identity'

Nicki Minaj (BANG)

The murder of Nicki Minaj's cousin is thought to be a case of "mistaken identity".

Nicholas Telemaque - who was shot during the early hours on Monday close to his home in Brooklyn, New York - wasn't involved in any trouble on the night of his untimely death, and police are now investigating potential causes of the crime.

Carol Clarke, another cousin of the late 27-year-old, explained: "His friends have told us there wasn't any trouble that night and we believe it could have been a case of mistaken identity but the police are still investigating the case.

"We are still trying to make arrangements for his funeral but I will really miss him because he was a good person."

Meanwhie, Nicki - who is currently supporting Britney Spears on tour - is said to be "absolutely devastated" by the murder of her cousin.

Carol added to "He was shot in the chest as he walked towards his car close to his home. Nicki is absolutely devastated as are all our family - she was very close to her cousin but now he has gone.

"She has reached-out to Nicholas' mom Victoria to offer her words of comfort but she is too distraught. Nicholas was a quiet person but he could be the life and soul of the party too - he did not run with gangs or anything like that."

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