No parties for Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor belongs to a generation that loves to party. He is often spotted at multiple parties back to back. But now the actor has decided to get serious about his career and not indulge in anything that will take away the focus form his work now.

The actor who had not long ago shifted his party location to south Mumbai to avoid the paparazzi has now decided to avoid parties and focus more on his films and building his career that has been affected badly with flops of late.

“Ranbir has Dutt coming up and then he has Brahmastra as well. Brahmastra is a trilogy and will take a lot out of him. While the film’s producer Karan Johar is the biggest party animal in Bollywood, Ranbir comes a close second. But now, he wants to ensure that he will shy away from such parties and soirees and will only do films and film related work. There are many good filmmakers who want to work with him, but they prefer dedicated actors. Filmmakers are not very happy when their stars are making news for all the wrong reasons. It does not help the film in anyway. Ranbir is the biggest flag bearer of the Kapoor Khandaan today and he understands that,” informs a trade source.

With no matargashti in his life now, we hope to see a rejuvenated Ranbir in the movies now.