No Shah Rukh or Salman for Priyanka Chopra

The actress faces top notch hero crisis

Priyanka Chopra was crowned the Miss World in 2000 and that was her big ticket to Bollywood. When this army child walked into the tinsel town she had no godfather and did not have any film background.

Priyanka after few initial hiccups climbed her way up. And she is without any doubt one of the most successful leading lady in the industry now.

But while she happily climbed the rope she also burnt it on her way up, leaving behind some soar faced colleagues.

At present Priyanka is working on three films - 'Barfee' with Ranbir Kapoor, 'Krissh 3' with Hrithik and an untitled with Shahid Kapoor. There are talks of her joining the team of 'Race 2' but there's uncertainty looming over.

After these handful there is nothing for Priyanka to look forward to; no films - none.

So is she not good enough after giving away series of hits or the directors had enough of this heroine.

If recent events and statements are observed it’s the problem with the leading men that Priyanka is facing.

She has been romantically linked with almost every co-star she has worked with.

Her first successful pairing was with actor Akshay Kumar. But soon their closeness sparked rumours of an affair. This was not taken nicely by Akshay's wife Twinkle Khanna. Thence Akshay was banned from working with Priyanka. There she lost one co-star.

Priyanka irked Salman Khan with her closeness with Akshay Kumar while the trio was working together in a film. She nailed the coffin when she refused to act in Salman Khan's brother's movie. Then on Priyanka was no more part of Salman gang.

The other leading man who is unhappy with Priyanka is Ajay Devgn. Back in 2005 Priyanka had walked out of a project starring Ajay, leaving the actor fuming. So it is unlikely that he will want to pair with her again.

Once-upon-a-time beau Shahid Kapoor has openly said that once their on-floor project gets completed he will not work with Priyanka. After the relationship ended there were only soar feelings left between the two. Shahid put it very gently that repeated pairing will make audiences yawn and hence he will not work with Priyanka anytime soon.

'Dostana' co-star Abhishek Bachchan who might rescue her but there's a glitch; Abhishek and Priyanka had a tiff over a song on which both the stars wanted to perform on-stage. Irritated with this Priyanka walked out of the show. Such high handedness- Abhishek might think twice before he signs a movie with this actress again.

Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka is currently working together in 'Barfee' but things are not so hanky dory for the them. This has been the state when they acted together in their first movie 'Anjaana Anjaani'.

But for sure 'good friend' Shah Rukh Khan will not let go of her - if his wife allows him. Priyanka's alleged affair with SRK has cost her a lot. Priyanka is being shunned by well-wishers of Gauri Khan (SRK's wife). So much so that filmmaker Karan Johar, who is very close to Gauri, is reportedly not going to cast her in any future project out of his stable. SRK is not planning any movie with her either. And it was very obvious how Shah Rukh ignored Priyanka (leading lady of his movie) in Berlin film festival when the entire core team of 'Don 2' had gone for the international premiere.

So wife Gauri is keeping husband Khan away from Priyanka! But it's not just Gauri, Hrithik Roshan's wife Sussanne Roshan is also being watchful. It is heard that Sussanne who is very close to Gauri Khan doesn't want Hrithik to work with Priyanka after the completion of 'Krissh 3'. She also struck Priyanka's name out of the guestlist in the success party of 'Agneepath'.

With Saif Ali Khan Priyanka thankfully never had any issues. But she has problem with Saif's girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. And that unfortunately is good enough reason for Saif not to work with Priyanka.

So who else is left - Aamir Khan. But Priyanka never worked with him before and none of Aamir's movie which are in the pipeline features Priyanka's name.

With so many A-list actors out of Priyanka's list we hope the actress covers up this rough patch soon and continue the good work in Bollywood.

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