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Pakistan has its own Yo Yo Honey Singh - Yo Yo Ali Jaan

Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is easily the biggest bonafide pop star India has seen in a long time.

In a country where pop songs have taken a back seat and Bollywood music rules the roost, Honey Singh has carved a place for himself.

After rapping his way to the Punjabi pop industry, belting it out in the clubs, he is now sharing screen space with the superstars of Bollywood.

His gentle rebellious lyrics have hit the right note with the younger generation and saw his popularity cross borders.

Pakistani Yo Yo Ali Jaan impersonates Honey's singing, his style and his mannerisms in music ­videos.

(Poko Loko Ali Jaan: Facebook page)

In fact, as Yo Yo Ali Jaan raps, dresses and dances like Honey Singh.

With dark glasses, studs and baseball cap Ali Jaan looks like a mirror image of the Indian artist.

Yo Yo Ali Jaan has garnered popularity in Pakistan imitating Honey Singh.

Jaan’s songs, " Jaani Sial Kotia", "Lal Paranda" are doing well in Pakistan.

After Honey Singh's team got a whiff of Ali Jaan, his Facebook page, his Twitter handle and his YouTube channel were all taken off from the Internet.

Possibly to avoid copyright issues Yo Yo Ali Jaan has now changed his name to Poko Loko Ali Jaan and new social media page along with a new YouTube channel.