Pakistani model Ayyan Ali speaks out for the first time after prison

Pakistani model Ayyan Ali has been granted bail on July 16. (Twitter/@AYYANWORLD)

Dubai-born Pakistani model Ayyan Ali has spent three months in prison after customs officials at Islamabad airport found $500,000 in cash in her luggage on a flight to Dubai.

Ali has been granted bail on July 16 and she celebrated Eid with family and friends.

Her lawyer, Latif Khosa, said that Lahore high court had granted her bail after two failed applications to end her custody at a Rawalpindi prison.

The super model was arrested on March 14 on charges of money laundering.

Ali mostly remained tight-lipped during court hearings but her lawyer insisted that she didn't want to take money outside Pakistan.

But finally the model opened up and declared the whole case as a conspiracy against her and her career. Meanwhile, she thanked Allah and her fans to support her during the four months of her prison.

Here's what she tweeted on Social Media.

"Everything that happened was a conspiracy against me and my career! But there is no one stronger then ALLAH if ur innocent nothing can harm u."
She insisted her innocence in a series of tweets, "ALLAH gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers ... Good afternoon thank you #AyyanSupporters."

"Thanks to all of you who prayed for me & my Lawyers specially Sardar Latif Khosa Sr ASC (Senior Advocate Supreme Court) ALLAH bless you all."

"First of all m thankful to Almighty ALLAH,My lovely Pakistan & my fans from all around the world for always loving, praying & supporting me."

Several rumours and stories were spun out during the four months period she spent in the jail. But it was not clearly known whether she owned the money or was trying to smuggle it on the behalf of someone else.

Ali has been the focus of intense Pakistani media attention since she was caught and this is the first time she openly declared her innocence.

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