Pakistani singer Komal Rizvi faces criticism after hospital bed selfie

The selfie showing Komal Rizvi smiling at the camera with a clearly distressed and unwell Abdul Sattar Edhi lying on the hospital bed. (Facebook)

Popular Pakistani singer Komal Rizvi has become the butt of ridicule and anger on Facebook after she posted on the social networking site a selfie with well-known social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi, who is seriously ill and under treatment in a hospital.

The selfie showing Ms Rizvi smiling at the camera with a clearly distressed and unwell Edhi lying on the hospital bed has led to netizens lashing out at the singer on social media despite her attempts to defend her action.

Many felt that while it was laudable that Ms Rizvi was in the forefront of charitable causes this Ramadan, her selfie with the sick Edhi was something which had gone too far.

She posted the selfie on Facebook and said the 90-year-old had dedicated his entire life to selfless service and charitable causes for this "thankless" nation and continues to do so despite his dialysis.

"I cannot thank Almighty enough for giving me this unforgettable moment and opportunity to meet the most important man in Pakistan," she wrote.

Outraged internet users have started making memes of Komal's controversial selfie with Edhi.

And the internet is buzzing with Komal Rizvi 'selfie memes'.





A defiant Rizvi reposted the photos, saying "because I don't think anyone else in pakistan has a greater selfie than this".

"Both Edhi Sahab and I were happy taking it. We were laughing and joking and singing and talking about other celebrity visits and how i can possibly participate in the future with their foundation.

"I am ALSO EXTREMELY disappointed with how nasty, negative, and lazy and hypocritical some people in Pakistan are. To take such an innocent and beautiful thing and turn it into something ugly," she wrote.

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