Pamela Anderson face of Zillertaler Trachtenwelt's Alpine range

Pamela Anderson thinks she was put on earth to wear demure peasant dresses.

The actress - who became famous for showing off her body in a swimsuit on the television series 'Baywatch' - believes that she is the perfect spokes model for a fashion line featuring the style.

The 43-year-old star has become the new face of Zillertaler Trachtenwelt's Alpine range and can be seen wearing a modest black and green traditional dress - known as a dirndl.

The items are popular in countries such as Germany and Austria and Pamela has been keen to switch her usually-skimpy American style to try a more European look.

She said about her new career direction: "I was born to wear the dirndl."

The firm's managing director Thomas Dims said: "She was completely taken by them. We thought the shoot would take a few minutes but she was with us for three hours."

The Los Angeles, California resident apparently asked to transform her wardrobe with the new pieces and flew some of the clothing home with her.

He added: "She even took an armful of the dresses back to LA."

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