Paris Hilton excited to be single

Paris Hilton (BANG)

Paris Hilton is looking forward to enjoying the single life for the first time.

The socialite has just separated from nightclub mogul Cy Waits after a year-and-a-half of dating but rather than mourning the end of the relationship, Paris can't wait to have some time for herself and for her family and friends.

The hotel heiress - who has previously dated Benji Madden, Doug Reinhardt and Rick Salomon - told America's OK! Magazine: "I've never been single in my life. I've always had a boyfriend and I've always been scared to be alone, so I've been that type of person that needs somebody and never got to know myself. When I'm in a relationship I give my all and I'm 100 per cent, so I'm excited to get to know myself and spend time with my family, my sister, and my girls.

"I'm excited to spend time with my sister and my best friend and just have an amazing summer."

However, Paris plans to remain in contact with Cy - who she calls one of her "closest friends" - because the pair have known each other for years.

She said: "Cy and I have been friends for years. I've known him from Vegas and my family knows him, and he's such a great guy and always treated me so well. He's one of my closest friends, so you know."

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