Poonam Pandey posts pictures in bathtub

Poonam Pandey: Now what has she done? She sinks lower, literally, and gets in a bathtub.

Keeping up her promise to entertain her fans with more and more skin show, Poonam Pandey yet again gave a glimpse of her body and this time, while taking bath.

The bikini girl, who recently has stepped into Bollywood, leaves a series of picture which gives full account of her sensous act in bath tub.

Poonam Pandey's bathing and picture posting session continued for almost 6 hours on Twitter.

After few initial posts Poonam realised she was trending on Twitter and decided to tell her bathing story through her naked pictures.

The lady went on to screen her A-rated show in the bathtub.

The Kingfisher model surely knows how to build up the excitement and keep it alive.

The lady got wet, wild and naked in her bathtub and posted an entire album of her nude antics.

And sorry to say the pictures were just plain raunchy and there was nothing asthetic about them.

One wonders why can't she just bare it all and get over the fetish of flashing her skin, not that she has left anything much to show.

With this raunchy pictures Poonam Pandey is turning out to be a semi-porn star from being a model.

If sources are to be believed, Poonam is all set to shoot for her debut film, where some scenes will show her bathing, thus, this was nothing but a hint of what exactly her fans should expect of her in the film.

Well, as far as film is concerned, it is too early to even think about it but, yes, as of now, these pictures are surely a treat for Poonam’s fans.


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