Prince Charles and Camilla giggle through Inuit throat performance

Photo: Getty Images

Royal duo Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles giggled through an Inuit throat performance in the city of Iqaluit, Canada.

Camilla tried to obscure her laughter as she held her hand near her mouth before she turned towards her husband and was no longer able to contain her giggles.

Prince Charles, for his part, was seen scratching his nose, perhaps in an attempt to suppress his laughter.

The distinctive form of singing requires a lot of heavy breathing, which appears to be what tickled the British royals, who visited Canada to celebrate 150 years since it was established in 1867.

During their visit, Prince Charles hailed Canada as an "example" to other countries.

The royal attended a star-studded national extravaganza in the country's capital of Ottawa over the weekend to mark the occasion.

Speaking at the televised event held at Parliament Hill, Prince Charles said: "We should be clear and proud that we are celebrating a country that others look to for example. An example of fairness and inclusion; of always striving to be better.

"Around the word Canada is recognised as a champion of human rights, as a peace-keeper, a responsible steward of the environment and natural resources, and as a powerful and consistent example of diversity and the power of inclusion."