Priyanka Chopra springs another surprise

After the music launch, it's a noble endorsement! Here she opens up on her triple happiness...

Priyanka Chopra’s double celebrations have left her nervous and excited. On one hand, there is the immense appreciation for her performances in ‘Barfi’ and on the other there is her international debut – as a singer.

But that’s just part of the story — news is that Priyanka will soon be playing yet another important role, though this time for the cause of the girl child.

Firsts up, the album; ask the former beauty queen and she sounds all excited. “You wouldn’t believe it, but I am a lot nervous. My hands are shaking. And just to pep me up, I was reading reviews of my performance in ‘Barfi’ all through the day, and now that I am all set to release the album, I am feeling confident. Tomorrow I will spend the entire day listening to what you have thought about the song. I am flying day after to L.A. where they will be shooting the official video of the song,” says Priyanka with an exuberance of child.

Interestingly, neither music nor acting was on Priyanka’s mind a few years’ ago.

Going into a sudden flashback, the ‘Fashion’ actress says, “I grew up listening to an eclectic collection of music. While dad was a fan of Mohammed Rafi; mum would play Beetles, Rock and Metallica.  Mom, in fact, was also a huge fan of 50 Cents, and had taken me to the concerts. That’s was my childhood, and its music. I grew up with a lot my dad and mum’s fight over music, and of different kind of music. But even then I never thought I would sing ever.  I never thought I would be an actor someday either.  If I did what I thought I would have been an engineer today.  I have written and co-written all these experiences in life. It’s a mini biography and speaks of my life and my initial experiences. It will have different genres from club track to pop track and ballads.”

And though the album is in English, at heart the desi girl is very much an Indian listener. “I never realized how big it is going to be, and if it works how important will it be for India. It took me a lot of hard work in understanding myself.  I wanted India to be a part of the album hence the music is Indian with a lot of desi instruments used for the music. I want the world to get the taste of our culture. When I shot the video I felt that the world has to experience Bollywood. And let me tell you, I will have a lot of that.  The album is English, which will allow the global audience to enjoy it too. However, the heart is Indian. I would also love to perform live on stage.  It’s just the beginning of a new journey.”

And though she is thoroughly enjoying the new phase in her life, she wouldn’t chose any one thing. “Given a chance, I will always try to sing as well as act. When I can attribute to both singing and acting, why choose any one. I would choose both,” says the actress.

Come October Priyanka will be seen taking another big role. Priyanka says, “I have always believed in the cause of girl child. I feel it is one of the biggest atrocities being committed towards them. Earlier too, I have worked with NGO’s, which take the cause of promoting the welfare of the girl child. I’m doing my bit in order to enhance their progress. Recently, I have donated a few sewing machines, so that they can build on a new skill and be independent. I am also the National Brand Ambassador for UNICEF, and will start working with them soon.”


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