Ranbir Kapoor still wants Katrina Kaif

Ranbir Kapoor (Getty Images)

Despite the fact that Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have fallen out of love and friendship now, Ranbir hopes that he will be able to work with Katrina again.

Katrina has clearly stated that she will not be able to work again with Ranbir during a FB live chat, but Ranbir now claims that the entire conversation was taken out of context when Katrina and Ranbir were joking about something.

Sources close to Ranbir say that there is a serious campaign out to sabotage the film Jagga Jasoos which is why a lot of negativity is being spread more about the lead pair so that the film which releases on July 14 is not received well.

Earlier, the wags from Bollywood claimed that camp Salman was trying to sabotage the film, which is not true because Salma’s good friend Katrina Kaif is the heroine of the film and the movie releases a good two weeks after Salman’s Tubelight.

Coming back to Ranbir, if Jagga Jasoos does well, Anurag and Ranbir will approach Katrina to play the heroine in the sequel with a first right of rejection.

And for that Jagga Jasoos has to indeed to well first.