Ranbir sleeps to avoid media

Ranbir Kapoor (Getty Images)

Rishi Kapoor and his son Ranbir Kapoor have different ways of avoiding the Paparazzi. While Rishi ends up yelling at them or reprimanding them, Ranbir Kapoor has adopted a new way.

Whenever Ranbir is in the paparazzi zone, he closes his eyes and pretends to sleep when the pictures are being shot and when he wants to party he avoids being at Bandra where all the photographers are stationed at popular eateries and night spots just to ensure that he is not seen or clicked by the paparazzi.

“Ranbir has shifted his party location to south Mumbai. That area is not a very paparazzi friendly area and residents take umbrage to paparazzi roaming there. South Mumbai residents like their privacy and Ranbir is now using that trick to stay away from the paps, so that he can hang around with whoever he wants without being clicked. Ranbir is more of a reluctant star and has showdowns with the photographers on multiple occasions,” informs our source.

Now it is up to the paps whether they want to still chase Ranbir and click him or ignore him completely.