Revealed: Kareena Kapoor Khan’s 'size zero' diet mantra

The slim actress divulges how making small changes in eating healthy can reap long-term dividends

Kareena Kapoor who is known to have ushered in the size zero concept in Bollywood does not believe in rigorous dieting norms but rather she survives on a simple Indian diet to keep herself fit.

“I do not eat meat. However, if at all I am advised to eat meat by my dietician then it is just for one meal. I cannot eat meat in the night at all,” discloses the heroine about her vegetarian ways.

Saying that dieting is not about giving up on your favourite food, she shares, “I can also eat ‘kachoris’ and ‘samosas’. I remember Saif and me were in Lucknow while I took some advice from my dietician, she instantly told be whatever you get in and around, you may eat it.

Surprisingly, when I mentioned we could only see ‘kachoris’, she said go ahead and eat it.”

Talking about her favourite diet food, she adds, “Well, my favorite diet is ‘paneer’ vegetable in any form and sweet gourd. Usually, when the next day I have to go ahead and shoot; I simply have dal/rice or ‘pulao’ and ‘raita’. Also ‘kichaddi’ is something; I prefer eating for my dinner. People have a wrong notion that if they eat rice they may put on weight. This simple diet has ample amount of ammonia acid and is nutritious and keeps your weight on check. Hence I feel so light and surely look slim and proper on the screen!”

Advising to all her fans that balance is the key, she divulges, “Indeed I eat the right way and in a balanced manner. I would also like to advise one and all that after a hard day’s work, if you guys simply go for hot rice and dal with some yummy vegetable. I bet my last penny, you will have a good night sleep.”

Talk about sugar and ghee and how it features regularly in her diet chart, she breaks some myths about fat-inducing food and shares, “I used to have my coffee without including any sugar in it but it was really so depressing. But now, I enjoy my coffee with enough sugar.

Also ‘ghee’ is something I cannot live without so do not get shocked.

I always ask my cook to add a teaspoon of ghee in my ‘parathas’ and I have it every morning. This keeps my body fully active as well helps me keep my skin fresh.” And adds, “My paternal grandma is almost 85 years; she takes ghee everyday in her meals too. Believe me she is so fit and fine that she has no bone problems; her knees do not give her an  trouble. She can walk very comfortably. She looks superb and enjoys playing cards. I have never eaten my ‘roti’ without ‘ghee’! So inclusion of ‘ghee’ into your system is very essential as it keeps you glowing with happiness.”

Shedding light on her morning routine, she shares, “Even before sipping my morning cup of coffee, I eat one banana. I do not go for expensive fruits; I prefer my Rs 2 banana instead of the exotic fruits that most people keep running after. I also ingest banana milk shake as this contains calcium as well as potassium. This not only keeps me cool, calm but healthy and my stomach feels full.”

Stressing on the importance of having regular meals, she shares, “Most Indians have a big eye for the food laid on the table, I too at times care for having everything laid down. But eating the right amount of food at the right time is the need of the hour. I keep eating every two hours. We need to eat in collaboration to the space in our stomach. We need not over eat. Too much will make your mind clutter while too little will keep you hungry. As actors, our timings of having dinner gets too late, but then with simple hot Indian basic food, I keep myself full.”

Talk about going global but being local, she shares, “Well, my dietician Rujuta Diwekar has helped me learn how to eat and manage from the local place I may be at any point of time. Having anything available from your locality and eating the right food is what Rujuta has inculcated within me over the years. Young, old, any size or group, one thing I need to aspire to eat well.”

Talk about whether her eating habits have changed after marriage and she shares, “I have not changed my eating habit after marriage. Saif too prefers homemade food. Yes, Saif may like ladies finger while I love paneer and sweet gourd. I am a foodie and prefer having ‘kheer’ but I keep a gap of about an hour after lunch. I am also fond of ‘jalebis’. Also she highlights how new food items have started featuring on her dinner table after marriage and shares, “In the Pataudi household, we have a lot of ‘Nawabi’ food. So, if Saif may likes a ‘sheekh kawab’ I go in for a veg ‘sheekh kawab’. The food here is yummy. But ‘Nawabi’ food is very rich. So, whenever I go there, I eat hot ‘rotis’ with ‘ghee’ and some hot ‘dal’. I have learnt the art of how to plan my food. I am the dietician for Saif now!”

Sharing a few tips about looking young and healthy, she shares, “A few tips for keeping your beauty in tact. I just do a little bit of exercise whenever I get some time. I travel a lot and also do some workouts. While in America, I go on a walk.”

Talking about the size zero concept, she shares, “I do not know from where the news spread about me being size zero. In fact, while shooting in Ladakh for ‘Tashan’, I was advised to have everything that I could easily get in the local area. In fact, I lived on butter tea and sugar while shooting out there. It has just been phenomenal.”

Concluding she shares that a healthy diet should be complimented with a healthy attitude towards life and shares, “Have a clear soul, eat a balanced diet, at right time and be in sync with the local food and climatic conditions. This will keep you calm, quiet and balanced inside as well outwardly give you the best of your physical persona as well as your looks. Go ahead and watch my food mantra in the DVD ‘Eat local, eat seasonal, go back to your roots’ advised by nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.”

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