Rihanna's impressive stunts

Singer Rihanna (BANG)

Rihanna was "better than her stuntwoman" whilst shooting her part in action film 'Battleship'.

The 'S&M' singer - who will appear in her acting debut next year - didn't believe that her stunt double was tough enough to jump off a ship and rescue a heavily-built male actor, and insisted on taking matters into her own hands.

Director Peter Berg said: "She dove off the deck, slammed herself on a metal grate, grabbed an actor and dragged him back to the raft.

"Then she looked up at me and had this big smile on her face - she did it all better than the stuntwoman! There's definitely not a confidence issue with Rihanna."

However, it was a battle to allow her to take on the action scenes, and she had to keep asking Peter to be allowed to take part in the gravity defying stunt.

She added to America's Cosmopolitan magazine: "I kept going, 'Put me in there!' For me, it's tougher to be vulnerable than to be tough.

"The only thing I'm secretly terrified of is childbirth!"

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