Russell Brand not concerned about typecasting

Russell Brand (AGENCY)

Russell Brand isn't worried about being typecast.

The British funnyman - who is married to pop star Katy Perry - plays the title character in 'Arthur', a remake of the Dudley Moore movie about a drunk man and his long-suffering staff, but he thinks his choice of only taking comedic roles shouldn't be an "issue" when put in context of other global events.

He said: "You know, when you consider the BP oil spill, the gradual ecological devastation of our planet, racism and warm, my being typecast doesn't seem like such an issue."

Reformed addict Russell - who is now tee-total - also insisted his own experiences with alcohol and drugs in the past have done little to help him learn about the role because Arthur is a different kind of drunk to how he was.

He told Empire magazine: "Well, Arthur is a merry, twinkly drunk. He's not a tortured, morally ambivalent, street walking, amoral, self harming psychopath. So my own experiences have been of little use."

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