Salman Khan is finally ranked more influential than Shah Rukh

Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. (GETTY)

Apart from the stardom and blockbusters, rival actors Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are also vying for their space in the virtual world.

The India media has reported about how a digital marketing firm titled Pinstorm has ranked India’s most influential on the twitter circuit.

Their list also includes the Bollywood clan, who’ve used their twitter power to influence the virtual world.

While Salman was awarded a clear winner as he raced ahead of Shah Rukh’s 40th ranking with the sixth position, it was Aamir Khan who walked away with the top honour at second place.

According to the company, the survey was formulated based on number of followers, follows and tweets sent.

But, our amateur analysis found that, among the three Khans, it’s Shah Rukh who tops with the most number of tweets. He has tweeted 4,680 times, while Salman has 1,161 times and Aamir at a meager 103.

Even if we took into consideration the number of followers, Shah Rukh wins with 31,83,817 followers, while Aamir records 30,41,812 and Salman at 30,19,395.

In fact, Aamir had kicked off his first tweet on June30, 2010, with; “Testing. Aamir”. His tweets thereon have been sporadic and mostly movie-related. He even cashed on his twitter group during his TV talk show.

Shah Rukh too is guilty of being an irregular twitter. His posts, apart from his movie commitments also give insights to his philosophical side. He even features insides on his daddy duties, giving his kids a lot of twitter coverage.

“Just to let u all know that ı read all u wrıte. Never told u all before...ı feel u all fıll ın a voıd of posıtıvıty ı sometımes lack. Thanx,” @iamsrk wrote.

Other B-towners who found a mention were Priyanka Chopra at number 3, Amitabh Bachchan at 4, Abhishek Bachchan at 9 and Akshay Kumar at 10.

This isn’t the first time that there has been such surveys over twitter power, with Sonam Kapoor bagging the title of the most influential on twitter in March last year.

Another 50 most influential Indians saw Aamir top the rankings.

With no clear indicator on how influential these celeb rankings are, we’d think the only impact it would eventually garner is fodder for another inane tiff between the warring Khans.



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