Salman Khan's confession: Why he didn't want to host Bigg Boss 8

Indian reality show 'Bigg Boss' and controversy go hand in hand.

But what makes the show extremely popular is its host - Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

The actor is charismatic, popular and an eye-candy (couldn't resist that); he is also lively, humorous and entertaining. He brings sanity in a show full of misfit individuals.

But what took him so long to confirm his presence in the show this season?

Salman and the makers of 'Bigg Boss' got enough 'Kick' teasing fans about the star's presence in the reality show.

When Emirates24|7 got in touch with Salman a month ago, he was non-committal about hosting it and enjoyed maintaining the secrecy.

Khan's position was confirmed with the first teaser and a tweet of approval from the broadcasting channel Colors.

And we thought Salman Khan doesn't play games!

Now in an exclusive talk with Emirates247 Salman reveals why he was hesitant about season 8.

"I like the format but it takes a lot out of me, (among) these 13 contestants most of them are still in touch with me, it's like I am still the host and they are still in the house, it gets kind of tiring."

Salman lost his temper during several episodes in season 7 and in one such outburst he expressed his wish to quit hosting.


Of course, Salman fans will recall the controversy and the general outrage of audience last year, so much so that the actor had to defend himself on social media.

Talking about that Salman said, "Sometimes they (contestants) are inside reacting and I have to react outside... so it's complicated."

He smiles and says the 2013 Twitter episode is not the last one, "It will happen again."

When Salman trashed contestant Kushal Tandon for his misbehavior, the Dabangg star was labeled as biased and favouring good friend Tanishaa Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli in the house.

But that doesn't stop Salman from taking the job again.

He is unperturbed about controversies and ready to face the music once more - why - Salman loves the format of the show.

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