Salman Khan's now a 'good' boy; launches 'Being Human' in Dubai

His off-screen bad boy image has gorged on endless column inches in gossip rags. But Bollywood’s Salman Khan is shedding his angry young man avatar to show Dubai his human side as he launches his charitable brand in the emirate tomorrow.
After months of speculation, insider nuggets and official confirmation, Khan’s Being Human merchandising will finally be unveiled in the emirate by the hands of its creator itself on June 14, amidst much fanfare we are sure.
Khan, who is already in Dubai, will be making public appearances at the Splash store at the Mall of the Emirates at 3pm on Thursday, followed by a 4.30pm in-store visit at Iconic, Deira City Centre – the two retail outlets which stock his Being Human line.
The actor has been planning this business move into Dubai for nearly two years now, telling Emirates 24|7 earlier: “We have always wanted to bring Being Human to Dubai and will definitely target over 100 stores across the UAE with merchandising including tees, shirts, trousers, jeans and watches.”
Khan, who recently signed on as the brand ambassador for the online travel bookings website in India, has repeatedly been quoted in the media for conjuring up marketing techniques to allow for the growth of his Being Human Foundation.
Even with his tie up, customers have the option of making a small donation every time they book a ticket or holiday package.
Being Human merchandise will also be sold via the travel portal, with proceeds going to the NGO.
Reports have also stated that Khan has picked up less than five per cent stake in the travel company to help him further Being Human’s network.
He said earlier: “Being Human is all about helping the underprivileged the right way and not about funding crooks. We don’t just hand over cash to the needy, but we have people on hand who will investigate claims and provide funds to either a charitable trust, the hospital or the official facility.”
In the past, the nonconformist actor has ensured that his film work doesn’t come in between his charitable ventures, with Khan always making time for special screenings for the underprivileged.
Khan, whose Being Human organisation has helped raise hundreds of thousands to help the needy, has also pledged giving a part of his income to the film industry workers who don’t earn enough to make ends meet.
The actor may be media shy about speaking about his personal charity work, but when asked about his feelings on fake Being Human merchandising entering the market, the actor sees red.
Without being able to print the colourful words he used to describe these pirates, he said: “These dogs are sick people who don’t realise that this is money not for big corporations but for poor, underprivileged people. They are stealing from them. They should be ashamed of themselves.”
Whilst one hopes his millions of fans are listening in, rumour mills are also abuzz that a Being Human chain of cafes and restaurants are also on the future marketing plan.