Salman refuses Ranbir photoshoot

Salman never forgets… and Salman never forgives…

Well, Salman has not forgotten his line from his film Dabangg about keeping his commitment… and this time around the commitment is not to share screen or photospace with Ranbir Kapoor. Having bashed up Ranbir years ago at a nightclub, Salman who shares a close equation with the former’s father Rishi Kapoor, he still does not like the Kapoor kid.

Moreso after Ranbir snatched Salman's then girlfriend Katrina Kaif away from him when Ranbir and Katrina bonded during the making of the film Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani only to split with her later, adding fuel to the fire. Salman has made it very clear that he does not like Ranbir. Eyen when Salman shot an item song for a film which involved Ranbir called Chillar Party, Salman had made it clear that he does not want to see Ranbir anywhere close by.

“Salman and Ranbir were asked by a film glossy to feature in a photoshoot along with Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar and Varun Dhawan and Salman refused to do the photoshoot if Ranbir was around. We are not sure if Ranbir is still part of the shoot, but Salman surely won’t be and the shoot will progress without ‘Tiger’,” we are informed.