Scalpers on standby as Justin Bieber Dubai concert tickets already reselling at a premium

The 2,500 is the current rate for the soldout Dh1,000 fanpit tickets for the May 4 Bieber concert

Scalpers are on standby as Justin Bieber concert tickets have already found their way onto local websites, being sold at a premium price of Dh2,500. 

Indeed, next year’s May 4 Bieber concert that has UAE tweens in a tizzy, is already turning into a money making enterprise for those who snapped up tickets in advance.
The latest from organisers Done Events is that the Premium Standing tickets at Dh500 have also sold out, following the mad rush for the fan pit ones that were sold at Dh1000.
All that now remains is the regular standing category at Dh350, which may not last long enough.
While the physical tickets will be delivered in March next year, advertisements for Bieber tickets selling at a premium have already popped up on websites. is one of the first that has a banner ad that sees one selling three fan pit tickets at an additional cost of Dh1,500.
When Emirates 24|7 spoke to the seller, she said: “The tickets have already been verbally committed to another, but if that sale doesn’t go through then they will be up for grabs.”
The non-negotiable tickets, priced at Dh2,500 for each, had the seller adding: “These tickets have already seen me flooded with phone calls, so there is no budging on the price.
“I will send you the link from the website as soon as I have the cash in hand.”
Meanwhile, the same website has another selling the Dh350 tickets at Dh650, with a total of five available, along with the Dh500 premium standing ones being sold at Dh850.
Macy Landow, a mother of two teenagers who were eager to grab the fan pit tickets is ‘disgusted’ by the way people are scalping money of young fans eager to see Bieber live.
“I was too late to grab those fan pit tickets, largely because scalpers were busy snapping them up for us regular folks to buy,” she said. “I refuse to pay additional thousands to such crooks.
“The organisers should take action against this, as should the website carrying such ads.”

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