Shah Rukh and Priyanka seen together again

Both the stars danced together for a social cause

Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra were the best of friends. They were often spotted together at award functions, at airports, attending reality shows together, coming forth for charity causes together and also catching up with each other at wee hours of night.

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They were seen almost everywhere together like good friends till recent months.

But soon news of their growing friendship spread like wild fire. Media was abuzz with news of the two becoming more than just friends. Since then Priyanka and Shah Rukh were not spotted together.

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Their friendship suffered severe blow when Priyanka was ignored by rest of SRK's close friends and film fraternity. Priyanka was shunned from all parties.

Reportedly because of this friendship Shah Rukh's wife Gauri Khan, some star wives and good friend Karan Johar started a negative campaign against Priyanka in the media.

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It was thought that due to the soared relationship Priyanka and Shah Rukh will never be seen together.

But at a recent social event, Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra buried the past and shared the stage. This was a surprise for many when SRK made his appearance on stage in a hooded jacket and joined Priyanka.

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The two actors matched their steps on a 'Don' number. Brushing all rumours aside Shah RUkh and Priyanka not just danced together but entertained everyone present.

Shah Rukh and Priyanka's chemistry was obvious and by making this appearance together the two friends made the statement that they have put the past behind for a social cause.

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