Sridevi all set to crack it after 14 years

The queen of eighties and nineties is back to scorch the silver screen.

Nothing has changed for 'Miss Hawa Hawai' a.k.a Sridevi, she has got the same talent, the same quivering voice and the vivaciousness which made her the sweetheart of Indian cinema.

Only the fact that she is staging a comeback fourteen years. Going by the look of the trailer the movie seems promising.

Sridevi portrays the role of a housewife, who enrolls for an English speaking course to please her husband and family. It showcases her struggle with the English language and the insecurities she faces because of it.

Through jumbled-up sentences, unfathomable pronunciations with South Indian accent and mangled phrases, the vulnerability of an English-ignorant Sridevi is adorable.

The actress shines through her portrayal of a laddoo (sweet)-making typical South Indian housewife.

The trailer brings back memories of the Sridevi who used to light up the silver screen with her smile.

It may remind few movie fans of a certain movie 'Mitr, My Friend' starring Shobhana and directed by Indian actress Revathi.

'Mitr, My Friend' is a film about the plight of women who sacrifice their life for the betterment of their family. It also describes the cultural differences experienced by a small town girl on moving to a transposed environment.

Of course, in Sridevi's case it's her language more than her confidence which is the barrier and Shobhana in 'Mitr, My Friend' could speak good English.

'English Vinglish' is the directorial debut of Gauri Shinde, wife of 'Paa' director R Balki.

'English Vinglish' will release on October 5.

It’s a tri-lingual movie shot in three different languages: Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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