SRK-Katrina film is not called 'London Ishq'

Yash Chopra is keeping his cards close to his chest. Till date the stars have no clue about the climax of the movie nor are the name announced to the media.

There was wide speculation that the film has been titled 'London Ishq'. It has now been confirmed that the Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Yash Chopra film isn't called 'London Ishq'.

It was a rumour that started out of nowhere and though many were happy to pick up this piece of 'unconfirmed news' and consider it as the gospel's truth, the reality is something altogether different.

Even the Yash Raj Films officials were confused and were surprised to hear about this so-called leaks, this when media has been duly presented with so much information about the film's shoot which is currently in progress.

Various stills involving Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif have already been released which is actually quite uncharacteristic of Yash Raj Films since the production house is usually quite protective of their movies during the making stage. However since this is after years that Yash Chopra is directing a film, there was bound to be immense curiosity around the finer details.

The 'leak' of title as 'London Ishq' only ended up spreading like wildfire.

The film did get its share of publicity with this news but the Chopra's certainly won't like any false news doing the rounds, more so when the production house is generously providing a sneak peak during the shoot and giving all the necessary information. No wonder a prompt denial has come from them.

Guess the speculation game would begin all over again now.

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