Sunny Leone angrily tweets as stripping video goes viral

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone attends Society Collection event in Mumbai on April 25, 2014. (Twitter: @SunnyLeone)

Over the weekend, social media was abuzz with pictures and a video clip of Sunny Leone allegedly stripping at a private party on April 18.

A message was also circulating along with the clip that the actor charged Rs40 lakh (INR) for the event.

Leone is furious and so is her husband Danielle Webber, who also manages Sunny's Bollywood career.

"Why would we do such a thing.. there is no truth at all," an agitated Webber told Emirates 24|7.

He continued: "We have spoke about this to the media and cleared out our stand."

Sunny Leone has gone on to Twitter to deny being present at any private party and rubbished the pictures.

She said she was busy shooting for her upcoming film 'Tina And Lolo' on that day, adding that she later went for a store launch in Mumbai.

"April 18 was shooting @TinaNLolo and night was at @Mayyurrgirotra store launch, please do some fact checking before printing lies," she tweeted. 

The ex-adult star's past, it seems, will keep visiting her. The hoax viral video furnished pictures as 'proof' that Sunny had performed a striptease at the private party.

Ever since she arrived in Bollywood with her debut 'Jism 2', Sunny has been trying hard to move away from her past image of an adult movie star.

The video could be an attempt by her detractor/s to sabotage Sunny's image makeover.

The 'Ragini MMS 2' actor seems to be hurt by such acts and tweeted recently, "U can try & hurt me, but I won't let u.U can push me & I will rise on my feet. U can tell lies but I know the truth. My heart is clear! Is yours? (sic)".

She continued, "Do what U want & write your lies! I will only rise above the hate & push forward & be ME and truthful to myself. I will never fall because of U!"