Taimur is a star - Kareena's Saif!

“Kareena Kapoor told me you should keep Taimur next to you at to one of your press conferences to promote Chef and the film will automatically get a lot of publicity and you don’t need to try hard,” guffaws Saif Ali Khan at the growing popularity of his son Taimur.

Taimur Ali Khan is one of the most photographed and liked star kids in Bollywood, thanks to his camera-friendly mother Kareena.

“I think Kareena, me and our families are responsible for making Taimur into a star now. He is getting everything so easily. I think that the media will play a very important role in Taimur’s social upbringing. If he does or says something untoward, the media will keep him on his toes and he will be very guarded and will have to control himself like how Prince Harry does. Prince Harry always falls into trouble when he does something wrong,” the nawab compares his son to the royal British scion.

Taimur is royalty personified and he does not even bother about seeing his dad on the small or big screen. “He is not excited to see me on TV. He only wants to see himself on the phone. He poses very well because it is in his genes and he looks like a star every time he poses. He has a very unique way of looking at the camera,” smiles Saif proudly showing his phone to us.