This little Syrian girl's cry for peace will break your heart [video]

A young Syrian girl broke down in tears during her audition on the Arab version of The Voice TV show, making millions of fans.

The 9-year-old girl's rendition of 'give us childhood, give us peace' moved the audience and millions of television viewer to tears.

This is MBC The Voice Kids' first season and Ghina Bou Hemdan sang for children's rights in Syria.

The video of the little contestant went viral on social media and YouTube after getting more than 5 million views.

The girl’s voice and pain made Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram decide to take her in her team, and encouraged her to continue singing when she broke down in the middle of her rendition. 

The original piece was sung by Lebanese singer Remi Bandali describing how miserable were the Lebanese children during The Civil War (1975 to 1990) resulted in an estimated of 120,000 victims, which is the same case in Syria.

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