Top 10 celebrities: SRK richer than Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp

Did you know that Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is richer than popular Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp?

What’s even more interesting, the ‘Chennai Express’ star and co-owner of the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders is one of the world’s richest self-made personalities, according to Emirates 24|7 research.

With his net worth estimated at a whopping $600 million (Dh2.2 billion), Bollywood’s King Khan, beats most popular Hollywood stars that you can think of.

His vast fortune includes several luxury cars, homes in Mumbai, Dubai, London and several real estate investments. He has been married to Indian film producer and interior designer, Gauri Chibber (now Gauri Khan) since 1991, and together they have three children.


An actor who rose to fame from TV, Shah Rukh Khan is today a film producer and TV personality, and one of the greatest movie stars in history. Billions of fans have followed his career loyally through the years, and the numbers just seems to keep growing, according to website Celebrity Net Worth.


Another website that tracks the net worth of top stars is The Richest, which also estimates SRK’s net worth at $600m. Khan, it notes, has 70 Hindi films in his acting career along with many other business ventures on the side, and ranks him as India’s richest actor.


His earnings from just his latest flick, Chennai Express, are estimated at $5.31m (Dh19.5m).

On the Celebrity Net Worth list, Khan is at par with Elizabeth Taylor.


Next on the list are Mel Gibson (at $425 million), Jack Nicholson (at $400 million), Clint Eastwood (at $375 million) and Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp (both at $350 million of net worth).


Other Bollywood stars that rub shoulders with the Hollywood clan are Salman Khan, with an estimated net worth of $200 million, putting him in the same bracket as Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and Sandra Bullock (each with an estimated wealth of $200 million).


The next rich star from Bollywood is Amir Khan with a net worth of $180 million, exactly the same figure than can be attributed to George Clooney but is richer than John Travolta and Bruce Willis.

Celebrity Net Worth estimated net worth figures are derived from a formula that takes out taxes, manager's fees, agents' fees, and lifestyle, as the website claims.

Richest actors

#1 Jami Gertz  - $2 billion

=#2 Shahrukh Khan - $600 million

=#2 Elizabeth Taylor - $600 million

#4 Mel Gibson - $425 million

#5 Jack Nicholson - $400 million

#6 Clint Eastwood - $375 million

=#7 Tom Cruise - $350 million

=#7 Bill Cosby - $350 million

=#7 Johnny Depp - $350 million

=#7 Keanu Reeves - $350 million

=#7 Tom Hanks - $350 million

Sources: Various


Other popular stars and their net worth

The Olsen Twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) - $300 million

Thomas Sean Connery - $300 million

Michael Douglas - $300 million.

Sylvester Stallone - $275

Brad Pitt - $240 million

Harrison Ford - $210 million

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - $200 million

Salman Khan - $200 million

Sandra Bullock - $200 million

Will Smith - $200 million

Leonardo DiCaprio - $200 million

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