Trollers beware, Salman’s watching

Salman Khan was recently trolled when he advised people to ride safely and not put their own lives and the lives of the bystanders in jeopardy. Salman has also been trolled earlier on numerous occasions.

But now he has put a team to track the people who have been trolling him, mostly under pseudonyms.  The actor says that he has identified a few of his trollers, but does not want to punish them now because that would cause a lot of trouble to their families and embarrass them as well. However, Khan adds that he will take action if the trolling from those handles continue.

Salman is now taking his public image very seriously and has hired the services of his close friend and former PR Alok Mathur who used to be a film journalist before. Salman is indulging in activities that will better his current off-screen image. ON screen Salman is a huge hit. He wants the magic to rub off-screen as well.

And the trollers are being watched and scrutinised minutely.