'Uncomfortable' Salman Khan plans to move out of family home

Action hero will soon be seen in a romantic avatar in the movie 'Prem'

Bollywood's Salman Khan has worn different hats and has been known in the industry with different names - Chulbul Pandey, Daabang Khan, Tiger Khan and Bhai.

But what does he identify with the most?

"These are the names given by you guys. But the fact is that I am sometimes Chulbul Pandey, especially when I need to pull someone's legs.

"It could be in good humor or sometimes to teach a lesson. I turn Dabangg too accordingly, but on the whole I never intend to hurt anybody personally. I love to turn into a “Tiger” for the high class society!"

He smiles and says, "You need to guess man (who he meant when he said high society). I like the kids. They just call me Salman or Salman Khan.”

Does he feel that box office collections have changed over the years?

From Rs 100 crore to further more. "We will definitely bring the box office collections to more than Rs 300 crore, but not now, it will however, take at least three to four years for this to happen. But I promise this change will be brought about by us,” he adds.

Talking about performing action-packed roles at this age he says, "Today, I have turned 47/48, so for me to perform action-packed roles means I need to be physically fit.

"It is necessary for us actors to be able to perform all action sequences to the best of their ability. If I do not maintain my physical persona I will be unable to perform.

"Most of the characters in films I perform are larger than life and I need to look younger. Until I turn older I can surely jump, to fight sequences in fact do all kind of roles. In Suraj Barjatya’s next I will be playing someone called “Prem” - my first ever screen name that got me the ticket to fame in 'Maine Pyaar Kiya'.”

With all his riches why is he still living in a one-bedroom apartment? "Truly speaking I feel so comfortable in this apartment that I do not want to shift. I own another property but this is my comfort zone.

"Dad lives on the floor above and that makes me feel great. But now I am finding it very difficult to adjust. I don't have space to accommodate my clothes and shoes. I feel there's less space now. I am contemplating changing my residence now.”

Talking of returning to the romantic genre he says, "I feel before marriage there is a lot between couples, which dies once they get married.

"Family problems arise. Performing romantic roles on the celluloid, I feel, may keep the romance ignited in real life too for most couples who may have lost it after marriage. Hence, to keep the love going in real life for the couples I will turn 'Prem' again."

Talking about Sonakshi he says, "I find no change in her. She has performed her character exuberantly. In fact after finishing ‘Dabangg’ we started off with the sequel.

"She had to keep her weight on for this role as she had to turn pregnant. Now since she has completed the film she has lost weight. Sonakshi will be performing in 'Dabangg 3' too. The only difference in D3 that you will notice is that though the father will be there, the two will not meet. I cannot disclose any further."

All praises for debutant director Arbaaz, he says, "He is a sincere guy. In fact, I feel he is like Feroze Khan who donned all the three hats of an actor/director and the producer. Aarbaaz is a sensible director.

"We were very comfortable because we are brothers. We would sort out all the creative differences in an orderly manner. We would have had to be a little more careful with the finances if the money was borrowed from outside. Mallaika being the producer, it was simply a “khandan” (family) affair. Not that we spent it judiciously but yes with our own finances if something was needed then we would not think twice.”

It’s like once bitten twice shy for Salman Khan. "My first scripted film 'Veer' was very lengthy. I insisted on cutting short the duration of the film. The duration of the original film was almost four hours.

"I tried to cut it short to 2.38 hours but Anil Sharma was keen on keeping the original as he opined that historical period drama is always lengthy. I opted for Anil Sharma as the director merely because he has the credit of making a super hit film like 'Gadar'. I have learnt my lessons.

"Indeed I feel Aamir Khan is very clear while he tried to take the final cut. I am slightly hesitant as I do not like to get into any fights or create a rift between us. Also at times I feel they might take me wrongly by thinking I am pressuring them as a star, which of course I do not do at any point of time. But now I am strictly putting my foot down and make it very clear before signing that I shall take the call of the final cut."

He adds, "I shall always be open to be working with Director Anil Sharma if he has good scripts and also if he executes exactly as narrated. In today’s times we cannot take any risks."


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