Video: This man can make you disappear

How did he do it?

I’ve been to plenty of magic shows, I know they are tricks but seriously, how did he do it?

That was one of many questions playing in our minds as we watched international illusionist Marc Dossetto and his world-famous team perform some of his unbelievable tricks at the DUCTAC theatre in Dubai this week.

Considered one of the top 10 magicians in France, Marc hails from the southern region close to Marseilles.

Speaking to Emirates 24|7, the Frenchman said he’s been performing magic for around 20 years.

Surprisingly, his career began on a very different path at first.

"I started off as a musician, then a composer and comedian before developing my talent for magic," explained Dossetto.

The combination of magic, comedy and music began when he was 10 years old, which he then performed professionally at the age of 20.

The multi-talented illusionist infused his love of the arts to create his winning formula.

He said, "What I like to put on stage is not only an illusion but also a concept, a story, an atmosphere, something different."

Attilio Versini – Magician

Organised by Al Bayader International, the Magic Fusion Experience was in honour of Nathalie Dossetto, Marc’s sister, with whom he shared his first magic performance experience. 

"We grew up together, she performed ballet, theatre, magic, and played the guitar."

He added, "Later on she decided to head the design and marketing part of our show, while I stayed with performing magic."

His performance last year in October on a different stage drew a packed house, which led to his return this year to a larger theatre.

Larger theatre means an even bigger audience…does that mean even more difficult tricks are in store?

Not really. Marc doesn’t believe that the tricks, as hard as they are, are his main concern.

"The most difficult thing is to keep people interested."

He continued, "Sometimes you have very technical or hard tricks on stage but the audience may not be aware of its difficulty, the audience only wants to dream. And when you arrive to dream, to forget reality, to be in another universe, this is the most difficult task."

Julien Rossin – Acrobat Magician

Judging from the audience of adults and kids, the show certainly attracted international appeal.

Not only were Marc’s fellow French nationals in attendance, but a mix of Indians, Arabs, and Caribbeans were spotted in the crowd too.

The show had its interactive moments as well, as Dossetto picked out his ‘new assistant’ from the crowd and made her perform his rope trick using 'her own hands'.

Marc explained, "It’s very funny for the audience, and as you saw tonight, the kids respond very well to these kinds of playful tricks.

"My magic is never negative – there isn’t any sawing or strangling, I try to do beautiful things, my magic is more inspired by smiles, love and romanticism."

Dancers - Priscllia Herrmann, Melissa Mekdad and Ingrid Meriau.

Performing worldwide and also for celebrities in his native home, Marc has an important message for his fans.

"The most important thing is to make people dream, and forget the bad reality, and if I manage to put a good dream in their mind, and make them feel better, then I’ve achieved that goal."

So, again, taking me back to my first question - how did Marc Dossetto enter the lady in the box and made her disappear? There was no possible way of escaping, as the box laid on a table with the legs in complete visibility.

How was it done? Unless we enter the world of magic ourselves, we’ll never know.

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