Video: Watch Hrithik Roshan race F1 car on 'busy' Abu Dhabi street

Indian Hindi film actor Hrithik Roshan performing a stunt in Abu Dhabi for his film 'Bang Bang'. (Screen grab)

Can you imagine an F1 car blasting its engine away from the circuit and steering through traffic on a busy Abu Dhabi street?

Bollywood's filmmakers have decided to prove it is possible.

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has not just pushed the envelope for Indian films, but torn it apart as far as action sequences go in his next release 'Bang Bang'.

Hrithik is on top of his game here - jetting 30 feet above the water, thrills with jet-skis, motor-boats, guns, swanky Formula One cars zipping through the streets and romancing beautiful Katrina Kaif.

The entire 'Bang Bang' team was in the UAE shooting some of the never-before-seen action sequences.

The chase sequence involving the blue colour formula car was filmed in the Corniche area.

A section of the Corniche Road and one side of the street leading up to Marina Mall and the Breakwater were closed off.

In the teaser, however, we see the actor manoeuvring his F1 car which comes out of Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit and onto the city's beautiful promenade, traffic and all - a first of sorts for Hindi cinema.

Director Siddharth Anand left no stone unturned to make 'Bang Bang' a feast for thrill seeking junkies.

The director borrowed two prized F1 cars from the Abu Dhabi racing circuit, and also managed to convince a team of mechanics to stay on stand-by, ready for any glitch.

But nothing was left to chance.

Ambulances and police cars were stationed, while service vehicles for the cast and crew took over the car park area opposite the Marina mall.

The director had also taken permission and convinced local authorities to stop traffic and block four miles of the busy road.

There were two super cars roaring through 50 regular four wheelers, brought in to emulate the traffic, and 150 crew members dashing around to ensure that the sequence went off without a snag.

Hrithik was trained to handle the machine for the stunt. 

There are gears on the steering wheel and the power behind the bonnet and the throwback is very different and Hrithik had to learn it all.

A newspaper quoted Hrithik saying, "It is the best adrenaline rush I've ever experienced. And to experience it amidst the visually stunning and smooth road ways of Abu Dhabi was just incredible. What a rush."

The leading lady Katrina Kaif, who plays an action junkie named Harleen Sahni, too, gets to perform a few stunts in the film but not the F1 ride.

The big-budget extravaganza is now set to be released on Oct 2.

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