When Aditya stole Ranveer’s girlfriend

Photo: Getty Images

Ranveer Singh has now accused Aditya Roy Kapoor of stealing his girlfriend. Well before you jump the gun we are not talking about Deepika Padukone. Aditya has nothing to do with pretty DP.

Ranveer was talking about his college days when Aditya Roy Kapoor was the hottest and good-looking guy during his college days. Aditya was clearly the man to look out for when Ranveer and he was in college. Ranveer went to HR college while Aditya was a student at St Xavier’s college.

The distance between St Xavier’s and HR College is not more than two kilometres and Aditya clearly managed to bridge the gap taking away the girl.

While the girl is married now and has a child as well, both Aditya and Ranveer are free birds without a woman or a child in hand.

Well, both the men are man enough not to talk about the girl being discussed, they are sure about the girl’s present and man enough to keep her out of the news.

Ranveer clearly said on Neha Dhupia’s show about Aditya being his classmate. Wonder who was doubling up in college?