When Iulia Vantur hugged Katrina Kaif

Photo: File

There was a cold war going on between Iulia Vantur and Katrina Kaif for a long time. It was being speculated that Iulia was not too happy that Katrina had come back into Salman Khan’s life during the shooting of Tiger Zinda Hai and Salman was not only back to being her closest buddy again, but was also promoting her to other actor and filmmaker friends.

But then it was Katrina’s birthday party on the weekend when Katrin walked in around 5 am. Salman had thrown the party for Katrina and surprise, surprise. Iulia was the first one to walk up to Katrina and wished her by hugging her tightly. It does seem that Salman must have had a word or two with Iulia telling her to be nice to Katrina. Post that event, when Iulia and Kat met recently again, Iulia went up to hug Katrina again.

Katrina has had no qualms about Iulia even earlier and understands that She is her best buddy’s girlfriend. So, Katrina too went along enjoying her party and Iulia’s company too. We will not be surprised if Iulia sticks to Katrina for a longer time to know more about Salman. Obviously Katrina knows more about Salman Khan as a person and his choice of films and work much more than anyone else in recent times.