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Why Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez's divorce is on hold

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Pic: Getty Images

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have done nothing to move forward with their divorce, and their petitions look set to be dismissed.

The 'Extant' actress and her husband Olivier Martinez both filed separate petitions in September 2015 to legally dissolve their marriage, but it has now emerged they have done nothing to move forward with the process and have been warned by a court clerk that the case will be dismissed if they don't do anything.

And sources close to both stars told website TMZ that neither Halle nor Olivier are in a hurry to make their divorce final, and are fine staying married.

The 50-year-old actress is said to be unconvinced she wants a divorce, especially as this would be her third, and she is also hopeful the 'Un, deux, trois, soleil' actor can curb his anger management issues.

The pair are said to be getting along well and are actively involved in co-parenting their three-year-old son Maceo, and Halle's eight-year-old daughter Nahla, whose father is model Gabriel Aubry.

It was previously claimed Halle and Olivier had huge rows over whether to raise their son in Los Angeles or Paris.

A source said: "Olivier never loved living in L.A. full time. [He] just isn't happy in L.A.

"They have had many issues. They both have fiery personalities and don't like to compromise. Halle has threatened to file for divorce several times after arguments."

The Oscar winner was legally blocked from moving to the French capital with her daughter, Nalha, by a judge in 2012 during a bitter custody battle with the youngster's father, but Olivier continued to divide his time between both cities.

Another source said: "They have had long stretches of time apart and both seem happier when they don't have to deal with the other. They have a lot of differences culturally and as far as lifestyle goes. Things didn't jive between them and they grew apart. It was a challenge to meet each other's needs and be on the same team."