Why is Shah Rukh not allowed to spend more time with his baby

SRK keeps no secret about surrogate baby 'AbRam'

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan became a father for the third time at the end of May, but the star is not allowed to meet his little baby too often.

The baby boy, named AbRam, was born premature and was treated at three different hospitals.

Four weeks premature hee weighed just 1.5 kg at birth and developed complications that doctors at Masrani found difficult to treat.

In an interview with Indian TV channel NDTV, Shah Rukh said he is not allowed to spend more time with new baby, "I am allowed to as yet, nobody is allowed to because he needs to be kept alone, so not yet, but Insallah in a few months’ time he will be better."

AbRam is still kept in a protected environment. It is also rumoured that the baby has his father's charming dimples. But the actor said he is yet to see for himself.

When the baby was born premature, Khan shifted his son to Nanavati hospital. His confidence in Nanavati is well known as he has been undertaking physiotherapy sessions at the hospital. However, doctors at Nanavati could not do much for his baby, whose condition had become more critical by then.

Khan was then advised to take the baby to Breach Candy hospital.

The neo-natal care in Breach Candy is much better and specialised than Nanavati, hence Shah Rukh moved the baby to Breach Candy hospital. The condition of the baby got critical and the family was worried by then.

After spending three weeks in incubator in the neo natal care, the baby now is with his parents at Khan's home, 'Mannat'.

There were many rumours surrounding the baby's birth so the actor put all the speculations to rest in an official statement.

Here's the text of Khan's official statement:

Amidst all the noise that has been going around, the sweetest is the one made by our new-born baby, AbRam.

He was born prematurely by several months but has finally come home.

Gauri and our whole family have been dealing with his health issues for a long time now.

As a family our silence on this subject has been because of the personal nature of emotional strife that we have been going through due to his health.

We wish to make a special mention and thank Dr. Jatin Shah for his expertise and contribution. We also wish to thank all the other doctors, nurses and medical staff who have made his life possible. As trying were the times, we never lost hope that life always brings with it.

Just to put the record straight there was no sex determination for our child. The baby was born much before the speculations of ‘sex determination' and other ‘issues' pertaining to the same were being raised in the media by some organisations.

Suffice to say his coming home puts to rest completely false and at times insensitive claims of sex determination and alleged illegalities.

We also apologise to all those other doctors and hospitals who had to face unwanted scrutiny and questioning by some parties.

Our son is a surrogate baby and the entire process is bound by strict confidentiality. We would appeal to all, to allow us to cherish this private moment as a family.

It seems unfortunate that I have to explain/clarify so many aspects for our new-born baby. Wish it were just a simple message of happiness on behalf of the family.

They say a baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. Post this statement, I hope we all move on too.

Thank you.

Shah Rukh Khan

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