Why Salman & Katrina Kaif skipped Karan's party

Johar's birthday bash was attended by most Bollywood stars

The hottest stars of Bollywood and the sexiest ladies in their best evening gowns ruled the night of Karan Johar's birthday party.

It was the most happening party to attend for anyone in the film industry in Mumbai. Actors who got the much sought-after invitation did everything possible to attend the do.

Priyanka Chopra flew down from Zurich at 1:30am after attending her kid-brother's graduation. Others left their shoot or engagements to join the merriment.

But one couple was seen missing - Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The much-anticipated face-to-face encounter of archrival Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan didn’t materialize at the bash.

To everyone's surprise both Salman and Katrina skipped the hotly-discussed party even though they are close to Karan Johar.

Both the actors have a valid excuse as they both are shooting at present in Thailand for their movie 'Ek Tha Tiger'.

But reports suggest there are other reasons why they ignored the invitation. Obviously it won't be much of a trouble for both actors to fly down to attend the party.

It is believed that Salman Khan accepted the invitation but wasn’t really gung-ho about strolling into a party swarming with Shah Rukh loyalists.  Not after the fight between the two in Katrina Kaif's birthday party few years back. The shoot of 'Ek Tha Tiger' in Bangkok was as good an alibi gets.

As for Katrina Kaif she could have easily attended the party but she did not want to look too eager to please the SRK-Karan camp. She felt flying down would make her look as if she was vying for space and be in the inner circle of Karan's friends list. So she skipped the bash.

But did that really matter to Karan? He had the entire Bollywood rushing for the event. His party was Bollywood's party of the year. 


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