Yami supports Hrithik Roshan

Yami Gautam after putting up a Facebook post supporting Hrithik Roshan after his interviews to the media is now openly supporting her Kaabil co-star in his controversy with Kangana Ranaut. Earlier even director Sanjay Gupta who made Kaabil with Hrthik had posted about the controversy on Twitter and now Yami opens up.

Yami’s tirade is not against the actress, but against the media.

“Certain sections of the media have been very unfair to Hrithik Roshan. They have put him in a witness box without any evidence or facts which had coming into the limelight. The matter has been under investigation by the cops and to give out the judgement without getting the proof is very unfair on Hrithik Roshan,” says the actress.

 Yami’s name incidentally has also been doing the rounds as his co actor in his forthcoming films, but the actress has chosen to brush off all such queries and not respond to them at all.