Get real time traffic info on RTA's sat-nav gizmo

Motorists are eager to know more about Dalili that provides real-time information on the road traffic in Dubai. (JOSEPH GEORGE)

The long queue of vehicles waiting to enter the Airport Expo has had a definite impact on one product that was on sale at the Gitex Shopper – the Dynamic Navigation System (Dalili).

The Dalili Navigation system, introduced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has been of great interest to Dubai’s motorists.

The system, priced at Dh1,699 enables users to avoid congested routes. According to the RTA the system will alert drivers on traffic congestions and accidents and indicate alternative roads to their intended destinations guided by “accurate” maps displayed on the navigation system screens.

The maps provide well-defined routes, updated information about traffic congestions, city maps and real-time information about the road traffic situation that would help to minimise tailbacks by directing motorists to alternative roads.

According to Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, the new system, which supports Arabic and English languages usage, enables users reach their intended destinations easily, “either through tracking the roadmap, using the search function to locate the landmarks such as shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and banks, or through the Addressing System of Dubai City whereby the district, street and building number are defined, in order to avoid traffic congestions."

"Unlike other systems, the new system does not only compute the optimal travelling route on the basis of the length of roads connecting between two points, but gives alerts to avoid such roads at certain times; due to a traffic accident disrupting the natural traffic flow or traffic congestion during peak hours as it takes into consideration the condition of roads traffic in the analysis process,” he added.

Moreover to ensure that the driver is not stressed out, the system will determine the new time of arrival to the destination based on the observed traffic situation. “This will allow the driver to keep the other parties informed about the delay and the time it would take to reach a meeting or an appointment,” the officials added.

Staff selling the equipment said, more visitors are expressing their interest and collecting details. “We have had some good sales since morning. Almost all of us have suffered because of road traffic. In Dubai at least the traffic situation that had eased for a few months has again become worse,” said Gom, from Philippines, who has been explaining its merits to the customers visiting Gitex.

Meanwhile the RTA in its statement said that the number of e-services delivered to public is currently as high as 164 compared to 24 in 2007 and 116 services in 2008.

“The percentage of people switching to e-services has reached 100 per cent of the total pre-agreed services identified for possible conversion to online services contained in a work plan set up for this end," stated Al Tayer.

The RTA launched a new iPhone-compatible e-service to enable users access Dubai Metro information such as journey time, Nol Card, their usage, sales outlets and prices.

“The new services also include the electronic theoretical test service (Knowledge Test); a system encompassing 35 questions revolving around traffic signals, extent of the applicant's traffic awareness, and how the applicants deal with the vehicle and other road users in order to verify the applicant's eligibility for obtaining a driver license," he said.

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