Crazy pictures from around the world

A burmese python during a training with Soul River group at the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refugee in Boynton Beach, Florida. (AFP)

Animals Lebanon executive director Jason Mier strokes one of the three Siberian tigers to be resettled in France as they prepare them at a centre of the non-governmental animal rights group in Aley, to be flown as special cargo on a passenger plane to France where they will be taken to the Tonga Terre D'accueil sanctuary near Lyon. (AFP)

Workers selecting and filletting salmons, southern Chile. (AFP)

Tourists enjoy visiting an observation point at Vorobyovy hills, with the buildings of the Moscow International Business Center (Moskva City) seen in the background, in Moscow. (AFP)

A motorcyclist drives through pelting rain in Jammu, India. (AP)

A rainbow spans over a street near Bodman, southern Germany. (AFP)

A car submerges in the floods during persistent rain in Oranienburg near Berlin. (AFP)

A general view of a flooded street in Loudi, Hunan province. (AFP)

Sri Lankan stilt fishermen working on poles in the southern town of Galle.  (AFP)

Soul River service dog, Axe, rests at the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refugee in Boynton Beach, Florida. (AFP)

Two coypus (Muskrat Rats) are pictured as they approach the photographer's camera at the Nidda in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany. (AFP)

A staff member of a toy store looks at his mobile phone as he waits for customers at a mall in Beijing. (AFP)

Angry Birds characters Bomb, Chuck and Red are pictured in Helsinki, Finland. (Reuters)

A family of Canada geese walk across the street in Duesseldorf, western Germany. (AFP)

Musicians of the alphorn band "Holdersberger Alp-Traum-Bläser" perform their skills on a raft floating on the Elbsee lake near Aitrang, southern Germany. (AFP)

Beatriz Estevez, who studies law at the University of Havana and collects money from tourists while working as a living statue on the streets of Havana, poses for a picture. (AFP)

A tractor driver on a vintage tractor uses an umbella to protect against the sun near Menzenschwand in the Black Forest. (AFP)

Giant panda Shin Shin holding her newborn cub is seen at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. (Reuters)

People get drenched by a large wave during high tide at a seafront in Mumbai. (Reuters)

A wedding couple braves strong winds as typhoon Merbok moves near Hong Kong, China. (Reuters)