Family acts of kindness

We all have the power to make the world a better place, from donating clothes with OMO to drawing a smile on someone’s face.

Many of us remember the movie Pay It Forward about a young boy who wanted to make the world a better place. Well, Ramadan is the best time of year to encourage your family to do the same. It’s also an opportunity to teach your child about compassion, kindness and gratitude for what they have.

So, where do you start? Here are three easy ways that you and your family can pay it forward, all without leaving the house!

Play time

Get the kids together and sort through those cluttered toy cupboards, and let them pick and choose five toys that they would like to give away to a child in need; this could be for the son or daughter of your maid, gardener or driver, or a donation to your local orphanage.

Give your clothes a second life

You can ‘Share a Touch of Love this Ramadan’ with OMO and Comfort simply by donating your gently used or unwanted clothing. Everyone in the family will enjoy clearing out their wardrobe (and making space for something new); all donated clothing is then washed with OMO and Comfort before being packaged and delivered to families in need. For more information, visit

Bake off

Get your little chefs into the kitchen to bake some cookies or cupcakes that they can share with their teachers. Not only will the children love measuring out ingredients and mixing the batter, but this sweet treat will really brighten up their teacher’s day. In the end, this blessed month is all about sharing and giving, and being part of it is a real blessing.