Vegetable prices fall to normal levels in Dubai

Onions now Dh50 from Dh70 a 30kg bag; Tomatoes down to Dh16 from Dh28 for 8kg box

Vegetable prices especially of tomato and onion dropped back to normal following a steep increase during the past few days.

On Monday morning onions were selling at around Dh50 per bag (30 kilos) and tomatoes for Dh16 for an 8-kilo box.

Just a couple of days ago, tomatoes were selling at around Dh28 for an 8-kilo box at the wholesale market and around Dh5 in the retail market.

Similarly onions were selling for almost Dh70 for a 30 kilo-bag in the wholesale market.

According to traders in the Fruit and Vegetable market in Ras al Khor the price rise was mainly due to the non-availability of stocks.

Tariq an Onion vendor told Emirates 24|7 that the current prices are expected to drop further as more stocks arrive.

Shafiullah, another trader on tomatoes, potatoes and onions said Onion prices are also based on imports from the Subcontinent. “Whenever there is a shortage there prices here fluctuate. However the best part of the Dubai market is that the officials will never let a price increase to prevail for long. Immediately whichever goods that is in short supply is imported from other markets and the price is stabilised. The best example is for the onion price rise following a shortage in India. UAE was not majorly affected, as onions were imported from other markets,” he said.

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