Gold speak...from lingerie and iPad to car

Gold will never lose its lustre and appeal, no matter how high the price. If serious investors indulge in gold bars, then the fashionistas never tire experimenting with the yellow metal.


'Yahoo Finance' reported some outrageous materials made of gold.


Golden iPad2: Made by British jewellery maker Stuart Hughes it comprises 2,000 grams 24-carat gold and 53 gems, including multiple diamonds.

Gold-Plated Infiniti: Was unveiled at Nanjing, China. Five artisans worked four months to give the car its full bling.

24k pencil: Korean designer Daisung Kim made the pencil with 24k layer of gold plating. Its retailed for $20.


Golden mug: Made by Japan's jeweller Ginza Tanaka, the mug made of 850 grams of gold sells for $50,000.

Golden toilet: By Hong Kong-based jeweller Hang Fung can be mistaken for a throne. Made of 24k solid gold, it weighs nearly a metric tonne.

Golden lingerie: Chinese designer Zhou Ningxin designed the gold filigree bra, weighing 458 grams.

Gold coffin: Covered in 24 carat gold is was made by Art Funeral Italy.

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