Health Warning: Five fashion trends that are terrible for you

Guests walk on the red carpet as they arrive at the 68th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, May 16, 2015. (Reuters)

Not too long ago every newspaper splashed the news about how wearing skinny jeans can land you in hospital.

Squatting in super-tight 'skinny' jeans may pose a health risk, Australian doctors warned, reporting a case of a woman who temporarily lost feeling in her legs from an hours-long squeeze.


The 35-year-old collapsed and had to be hospitalised the day after helping a relative move home, spending hours on her haunches to unpack cupboards.

But there is nothing unusual about harmful fashion trends and can be traced back over many centuries.

Anyone who has ever squeezed herself into tight jeans or run around in stilettos all day long can tell how certain styles can be physically painful.

So here are few trends which may jeopardise your well-being for the sake of fashion.


Oversized handbags

Never thought of how a handbag can be harmful? Read on.

Oversized heavy handbags with thin straps throw off your natural gait, muscle balance and contribute to bad posture.

Women who carry around these bags risk stiffness, headaches and neck and back pain.

Carrying that heavy purse can cause the trapezius muscle, which sits on top of your shoulders, to spasm and therefore tighten, along with the muscles that go from your shoulder to the base of your neck.

The shoes of an unidentified guest are pictured as she walks on the red carpet during arrivals for the screening of the film "Sicario" in competition at the 68th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, May 19, 2015. Reuters

High heels

Stilettos can make you feel emotionally good; gives you the elevation and confidant in your gait.

But any woman who has spent a day in heels can attest to the pain and pressure they can cause.

But besides the discomfort, your high heels and stilettos can also cause hyperextension, ankle sprains, midfoot fractures, neuromas, pinched nerves, bunions and hammertoes.

As muscles and tendons are highly malleable tissues, chronic use of heels might induce structural and functional changes in the calf muscle–tendon unit.


Tight pants or Jeggings

Jeggings became prevalent from 2010; they are neither jeans nor leggings. Women suck, pull, and squeeze themselves into sausage casings and then waddle around pretending they're wearing jeans.

Poor posture and misalignment of the spine are common in women and men who wear pants/jeggings that are too tight.

These can give painful nerve compressions and even the risk of yeast infections.

The tightness has been found to prevent air circulation around the crotch area.



They may look trendy but too-tight belts can compress a nerve that runs from the abdomen to the outer thigh, causing pain, tingling and leg-numbness.


Tiny waists on women have been popular for centuries: they make the bust and hips look curvy and voluptuous in comparison.

The corset reached the height of its popularity during the Victorian era and, in addition to restricting movement, corsets caused indigestion, constipation, frequent fainting from difficulty breathing and even internal bleeding.

There's no evidence that women achieved staggeringly small waists of sixteen or even thirteen inches after wearing corsets.


Certain materials used in many thongs can trap moisture and lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections. Additionally, the constant friction between the fabrics can cause skin irritation and small tears, further risking infection.

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