Female nurses can see women’s genitals at ICU

Fatwa says this is allowed in Islam for sake of treatment

The UAE’s top Islamic ruling body has sanctioned the exposure of sensitive parts of the woman’s body to female nurses at intensive care units for the sake of treatment.

The Fatwa (Islamic edict) centre at the Ministry of Justice was responding to a query by an Emirati woman who has joined the gynecology section at a UAE hospital.

The unnamed nurse said she would soon specialize as a nurse at ICU in that hospital and wanted to know if she is allowed to see female patients’ genitals.

“Seeing these parts of a female patient’s body is allowed at ICU as long as it is for the sake of treatment,” the centre said in its Fatwa, according to the Arabic language daily 'Al Khaleej'.

“What is done at ICUs is governed by rules that permits things which are otherwise prohibited…if the treatment of a patient requires exposure of sensitive parts of the body, then this is permissible.”ends

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