Men-only clinic in Dubai to handle erectile and heart issues

Men-only health clinic set up in Dubai by Ministry of Health

A special men-only clinic in Dubai hopes to tackle the dysfunctional relationship between erectile concerns and heart diseases.

The Ministry of Health, which is preparing to open its first specialized clinic with Al Muhaisna Health Center for men’s health in September, also hopes the exclusive facility will allow men to come out in the open and get the medical help they deserve without worrying over any social stigma.

Dr Mohammed Kamel, Head of Urology Department in Al Baraha Hospital, said: “There is a close relation between erectile dysfunction and heart diseases. With this clinic will also provide treatment for prostate inflammation, early diagnosis of prostate cancer, adults’ urinary disorders and testis diseases that are related to chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood fats.

“During the forthcoming period, there will be specialized clinics for men’s health in all the ministry’s health facilities similar to the healthcare of women and children.

The Ministry of Health initiative aims to encourage men to get introduced to positive cultural concepts and the social role in maintaining the health of family individuals.

The clinic will provide treatment to men between 20-70 years old and is the first specialized clinic to solve men’s health in the region.


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