MoH warns of defective cancer injection

Three batches of the product have been withdrawn

The UAE Ministry of Health (MoH) has cautioned residents about the use of a batch of cancer medicine.

According to Arabic dailies, crystals were spotted in the refill, which is suspected to pass through the needle into patients, putting their lives at risk.

Therefore, US FDA has withdrawn three batches of the medical product – all injections:

Carboplatin, 450mg/45ml, 45ml Multi Dose Vial 61703-339-50 Z011711AA AUG2013

Carboplatin, 600mg/60ml, 60ml Multi Dose Vial 61703-339-56 Z021650AA AUG2013

Carboplatin, 450mg/45ml, 45ml Multi Dose Vial, NOVAPLUS 61703-360-50 Z011711AB AUG2013

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