One last wish: Indian dad with cancer fighting for life in Dubai wants to see baby

28-year-old Jaleel, the only breadwinner of his family, is on ventilator at Dubai Hospital

A young Indian man who is fighting for his life at the ICU section in Dubai Hospital is yearning to see his toddler. He fears he will slip into a coma and wishes to see his baby one last time.

Twenty-eight-year-old Abdul Jaleel Sulaiman was all set to go home for holidays on November 26 and had even purchased clothes and toys for his eight-month-old baby girl and wife. That’s when he started running high temperature. When the fever refused to subside, he was subjected to several tests and his worst fears were confirmed.
He is suffering from acute myeloid leukemia, according to an in-patient medical report by Dr Raed Hathim Abuhijleh.
He was admitted to Dubai Hospital on November 19 and is at present at the mercy of well-wishers and community members.
Speaking to ‘Emirates24|7’, Mohammed Selith, Convener, Jaleel Treatment Aid Committee – a support group formed to help him - confirmed that the young salesman of a building material company in Dubai was diagnosed with leukemia about a week ago, after doctors at the Al Rashid Hospital conducted blood tests.
“He did most of the shopping for his family and was supposed to leave on November 26. He bought toys and new dress for his young daughter and wife. He takes them out and weeps. Whenever he regains consciousness he speaks of his child.”
“He has asked me to get a latest picture of his daughter so that he can see her for the last time, before he falls into a coma. We are trying to get a picture of Jihana Sherin.”
Jaleel was earning around Dh2000 per month. He is the only breadwinner of his family back home, who cannot afford the costly treatment. “We expect at least Dh2,00,000 would be needed for his medical treatment here and in India. However, he at present as he is on ventilator he cannot travel,” Selith added.
Jaleel needs to undergo chemotherapy and other related treatment at Dubai Hospital, before he could return home to India.
He said a group of volunteers have come together to help the distressed patient and efforts are on to find a charity body to take up his cause. Kind-hearted volunteers are contributing lose cash, but that is not enough, he added.


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