'Valley of Love' helps amnesia patient return home

Bangladeshi man has been bed ridden at Dubai hospital after brother refused him

A 50-year-old Bangladeshi man suffering from amnesia and other diseases finally returned home and reunited with his family after a local Asian charity society called “Valley of Love” offered to help him.

Zaki Mohammed Fardous had spent several weeks at Dubai’s Rashid Hospital, where he had been brought by the police because of memory loss and refusal by his brother in the United States to help him.

After his picture was published in local newspapers, many friends and acquaintances visited him at hospital and identified him as a former bank employee. They also offered money to help him return home while a Dubai-based Asian charity group called “Valley of Love” agreed to fund his trip to family.

“This group contacted us and said they would offer all necessary facilities to transport Zaki to his country and family,” said Aisha Al Kindi, director of the patients’ affairs section at Rashid Hospital.She told 'Emarat Al Youm' newspaper that the society decided to help Fardous after succeeding in locating his family and contacting them to receive him.

“Fardous left the hospital after spending nearly nine weeks as an unknown man….he was admitted with an advanced diabetes state that caused damage in his eye and weak sight as well as acute anemia and other diseases…he had received treatment and doctors believe his condition is now stable.”

She said the hospital could not contact his wife because her phone appears to be out of service while his brother refused to take him.

“The problem is that information we received from the immigration department in Dubai showed he left the UAE in 2000 and we wonder how he has returned to the country without his name being registered with the local authorities.”Quoted by Emirat Alyoum last month, Dr

Mohammed Sabita of Rashid Hospital said the management had tried many times to persuade his brother to take him or even provide his address in Bangladesh. “He rejected all our efforts…the last time he replied angrily that his family considers Firdous a lost man and no longer wants him….he then said ‘keep him with you because we don’t want him,” he said. 

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